Interpretive [adjective]

Definition of Interpretive:


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Sentence/Example of Interpretive:

The truth is screened through an interpretive lens even before experiments start.

At the bottom of the ocean, they have the same type of interpretive park signs you might see on the side of a trail in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Data has distinctive traits and dynamics which must be factored into any robust interpretive framework.

Free literature, library facilities, and interpretive services are also available at the museum.

The use of the singer's sensations, as applied in practical instruction, is almost exclusively interpretive.

Many vocal shortcomings are forgiven in the singer of convincing interpretive power.

Interpretive signs and amenities guided the erstwhile onlooker to the "ultimate," in fantasy dining.

The very thing that would have made them intelligible, interpretive, that would have made them art, was absent.

They offer little in the way of interpretive power or synthetic understanding.

Ward told me that he gets three hundred dollars for his drawing-room talks--his 'interpretive musings', he called them.