Interrelated [adjective]

Definition of Interrelated:

connected, accompanying

Opposite/Antonyms of Interrelated:

Sentence/Example of Interrelated:

To be fair, trying to isolate three interrelated elements of basketball in defense, shooting and driving is like trying to look at your back in the mirror.

South Africa’s constitution and international human rights law recognise that all human rights – civil, political, economic, social, cultural and environmental – are interdependent and interrelated.

Today, however, the electorate is increasingly polarizing around the interrelated lines of urbanization, population density, and race.

The challenges are so widespread and so interrelated that Americans seeking to flee one could well run into another.

The neural network algorithms are based on highly interrelated nodes that somehow work similar to human neurons.

We have here two interrelated elements, namely the content and the expectation.

To a considerable extent, three of these events were interrelated.

Consanguineous marriages have been very frequent, until now nearly all are more or less interrelated.

The influences may be placed in three groups, which are, however, interrelated at many points.

To the one who is learned, subject matter is extensive, accurately defined, and logically interrelated.