Interrogations [noun]

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Interrogation is a figure in which a question is asked, not to get an answer, but for the sake of emphasis.

He had a high-pitched voice with aristocratic intonations, and he seemed to be in a perpetual state of interrogation.

You can't describe them unless you label them with the hackneyed interrogation point.

Was there any interrogation other than what you have mentioned by police officers in the car?

Mr. Jenner, you can use those to supplement or as you see fit during the interrogation this afternoon.

The captives were pale and seemed to cringe from the pale interrogation light.

It was a nose that reminded the boy of an interrogation point.

His face was an exclamation and interrogation point fused into one.

The inspection forms signed, Mac held a short interrogation with the crew chief.

On a cross interrogation, he admitted that the person in question played admirably at whist.