Interrogative [adjective]

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This means that very common words, such as articles and interrogative words, rank very low.

Now the practice of Interrogative Analysis compels such persons to interrogate—to propose questions—to think.

They confronted each other, Gwynne flushed and angry, Isabel coldly interrogative.

Then, seeing the crowd which had gathered in the little garden, he stopped suddenly, with an interrogative look at his mother.

The use of this pronoun, like the preceding, appears to be confined to simple interrogative forms.

At last, he caught the idea of location—but it was location in the interrogative!

But this world of the closing eighteenth century was still only in the interrogative stage in this matter.

It was Amy who gave the answer, though her statement ended in an interrogative upward note as if it asked a question.

Exclamations in an interrogative form take a mark of exclamation after them, not a point of interrogation.

A full stop is placed at the end of every sentence that is neither exclamatory nor interrogative.