Interrogators [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Interrogators:

This acknowledgment, which might pass for the despairing cry of an innocent man, made his interrogator stare.

Theron looked at his interrogator with a frown of disdain for his foppery.

"Billy Mathews, sir," said the other, with difficulty restraining a smile at the dilapidated look of his interrogator.

The young man looked at his strange interrogator with some astonishment at her evident agitation.

Upon the bank question, too, he left his interrogator in no doubt.

Our interrogator was a Russian military officer, with several ribbons and crosses on his broad breast.

"She is dead," said Noah, turning his back abruptly on the interrogator, and addressing himself to the mistress of the house.

Mr. Leveson cringed before his interrogator and made the old, imploring movement with his hands.

"Guess I've a trunk back there in the hold somewhere," Bull replied indifferently, taking his interrogator for a quayside porter.

Obviously he was incredulous that such ignorance as his interrogator displayed could exist in a Christian country.