Interrupt [verb]

Definition of Interrupt:

bother, interfere

Opposite/Antonyms of Interrupt:

Sentence/Example of Interrupt:

The child is loud, intrusive, screams, runs, climbs on the furniture, demands attention, interrupts, cannot sit still .

Then you are a very bad trustee, thus to misuse the foot-way, and interrupt passengers.

Never interrupt an earnest or apparently interesting conversation.

He tells me he doesn't want his marriage to interrupt wholly that pleasant intimacy which has existed between you and me.

An ordinary mortal may not interrupt a king, but a king may interrupt anything, except perhaps a German bombardment.

This long conversation between Ivan and the prince excited some alarm among the shareholders; they tried to interrupt it.

Jansoulet apologized for being obliged to interrupt the sitting; but a visit of the most extreme importance—She smiled in pity.

With shrieks of fear Azalea flew toward the scene, but too late to interrupt the duelists.

Love is proverbially patient, and Helen listens—at least does not interrupt.

At the same time, I inoculated Abby, and the jailer's children, who all had it so lightly as hardly to interrupt their play.