Interrupting [verb]

Definition of Interrupting:

bother, interfere

Opposite/Antonyms of Interrupting:

Sentence/Example of Interrupting:

He apologized for interrupting their tête-à-tête, but said he had no choice, as the saloon was completely full.

"'Cite can do it as well as I; it is really her business," she explained to Edna, who apologized for interrupting her.

It aids conversation by occasionally interrupting it for a short period, to be renewed with a new impetus.

His piety, however, does not prevent him from interrupting his prayer to swear at the men most vigorously.

As we sat there, we heard noises, not very harmonious, interrupting the song of the salmon-fishers.

Sister Agathe exclaimed eagerly, interrupting the stranger, while she watched him with curious eyes.

I asked your forgiveness for interrupting you so rudely this morning; but these public disputes lead to so much evil.

"No passion, Colombaik," put in the benign Joan, again interrupting the impetuous young man.

"Now don't tell me it isn't true, because it is," he snapped, again interrupting her as she was about to speak.

Even Pat was frightened out of interrupting by the beat and pace of the noise which came from the typewriter.