Interruptions [noun]

Definition of Interruptions:

break; interference

Opposite/Antonyms of Interruptions:

Sentence/Example of Interruptions:

Hachimura will play in just his 60th career game Friday in a second straight bout against the Heat, and Avdija has played in just 14, yet both are starting, and both have faced unprecedented interruption to their young careers.

On top of this, they have to orbit close to Earth’s surface to reduce interruption of coverage and communication delays.

That drew attention, as did interruptions at major programs in power conferences.

Congressional leaders chose to respond to those actions by getting back to their work, demonstrating their resilience by treating the attempted insurrection as an interruption, not an obstacle.

Creative time, to be of any use, must be free from interruption.

Bonobos generally resumed social grooming with the same partner within one minute of an interruption, usually near the original grooming spot.

After that interruption, the students continued with the creativity test, and they found more-creative answers than a second group of students who had not been given the distracting task.

Because Maxine only relies on small amounts of transmitted facial data, the animated image could still move smoothly during the brief interruption.

Any interruption in any part of the vaccination effort, particularly distribution, could destroy this trust.

Last month, the Pac-12 laid out what was described by one observer as an “extreme” coronavirus testing policy, one that hopefully would allow the conference’s football teams to play this season without too many interruptions.