Interspersed [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Interspersed:

The show featured performances by local musicians, interspersed with information about the app, including debunking myths about privacy and other ongoing concerns.

Over 90 minutes from his home, he intersperses stories about the history of his craft with diverting word games.

Some can exist at low levels throughout the year, while others might show periods of higher transmission interspersed with periods of low transmission.

A portion of their DNA consists of many short, distinctively repetitive base sequences, interspersed with other short, variable “spacer” sequences.

As a result, between the long-form TV episodes, it is able to intersperse short-form videos that it otherwise distributes on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

Bits of woodland arePg 129 interspersed with bright green sheep pastures and high, almost mountainous, bluffs overhang the valley.

We passed through a country thickly interspersed with suburban towns.

While reading, he generally interspersed a few pointed remarks or graphic explanations, and Eric learnt much in this simple way.

The hedges are every where interspersed with flowers; there are blossoms of some kind or other throughout the year.

These interspersed freely with great lords and ladies and splendid cavalry and infantry.