Intertwining [verb]

Definition of Intertwining:

twist around

Synonyms of Intertwining:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intertwining:

Sentence/Example of Intertwining:

Change would require solving all of those intertwined problems.

As such, Paris was intertwined with the development of the civil rights movement in the United States.

It’s about a nurse in Ireland, holed up in a hospital, working to save pregnant women and their newborns as her life intertwines with those of the people she’s quarantined with.

In addition, he points out, Amazon’s plans are intertwined with a comprehensive revitalization plan for the area that includes the Virginia Tech campus and transportation plans from Metro.

However, that shift to grow new streaming businesses is intertwined with the lessening of TV companies’ linear businesses.

The river slid by in a body, utterly silent and swift, intertwining among itself like some subtle, complex creature.

Her short sleeves, richly trimmed with batiste, are fastened by intertwining gold cords.

This method consisted in the dexterous intertwining of knots on strings, so as to render them auxiliaries to the memory.

They stumbled over the furrows, they broke down the stalks, they tore aside the intertwining small, blue morning-glories.

Stalk and blade and tassel, and the intertwining small, pale-blue morning-glory, all were down.