Intervene [verb]

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The weekly reports have always been published by scientists and other public health professionals alone, without other branches of the government intervening.

Hancock said the new rule will be “rigorously enforced by police,” who currently have no powers to intervene when up to 30 people gather.

In the next few years, the company also plans to work to identify specific employees who may be at risk for developing a certain conditions and intervene, according to Lee.

It points to Russia, where Yandex was reportedly able to make mobile gains against Google, after antitrust regulators intervened, as provisional evidence for this predicted outcome.

NBC 7 got its hands on all three of the legal reviews, and after publishing a story last week detailing the failures of officials who brokered a deal that disproportionately benefited developers, Elliott’s office intervened.

The agency also recently adopted a new use-of-force policy that mandates officers to intervene when others use excessive force, calls for de-escalation tactics whenever possible and bans carotid and neck restraints.

In another instance, Carson intervened in a large delivery that was shipped to a school site because the floors where the pallets were dropped were being waxed the next day.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Police Chief David Nisleit held a press conference this week to announce a new de-escalation policy, updates on use of force and a requirement that officers intervene when other officers use unreasonable force.

They also announced a second policy that will require officers to intervene and report incidents to a supervisor if they see another officer use unreasonable force.

Whether you’re reforming schools or you’re intervening in Libya or you’re trying to win a referendum on Brexit, just communicate, communicate.