Intervened [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Intervened:

Two or three more infant deaths intervened before the birth of Marcella.

Garnache fell back and raised his chair, and in that instant mademoiselle once more intervened between them.

Two wide-reaching limitations of the principle of tolerance intervened to close the gate against other Nonconformists than these.

Seeing Mona's agitation changing to choler, the Young Doctor intervened.

The cause has been hindered in its action, or another cause has intervened to counterbalance the first.

He had an impulse to break through things, to fling obstacles aside, to hurl down all that intervened; and yet he hesitated.

Garibaldi indignantly intervened on his behalf; the King probably protected him.

A session of the legislature had intervened, and the opposition press had hammered Bassett hard.

If he had intervened any time during the winter after Eylau, his will would have been imperative.

But before things came to that pass, some months and many phases and a sudden journey to America intervened.