Intervenes [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Intervenes:

Then there intervenes a vast waste, which extends nearly to Huarmay.

If no unforeseen event intervenes to defeat his plans, the remaining volumes of Young America Abroad will soon follow.

If a valley intervenes, he will bridge it with a viaduct, which shall put to shame the grandest relics of antiquity.

At every turn Nature intervenes with its elements of success or disaster.

In one my eye intervenes, in another my first finger, in another my second finger, etc.

This remains: the scientist intervenes actively in choosing the facts worth observing.

Take an entirely different example, where intervenes especially the complexity of the causes.

Authority intervenes as moderator of the social strife, and defines the limits of the rights and duties of each.

Once more God intervenes to solve the difficulty, but after a fashion much less crude than the miraculous apparatus of Geulincx.

Sometimes a loose lace curtain intervenes, but even this is unusual, the freest circulation of fresh air being quite necessary.