Interventions [noun]

Definition of Interventions:

the act of intervening

Synonyms of Interventions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interventions:


Sentence/Example of Interventions:

Happily—(French story is always happy in these interventions)—a friend had need of his services shortly after!

Still there will be many special interventions and reminders from the Gods during this poetical journey.

Dynastic wars belong to the past, as do interventions in favour of legitimacy.

It is apparent that such interventions as take place by right must be distinguished from others.

But whether there is really a rule of the Law of Nations which admits such interventions may well be doubted.

And many a time interventions have taken place to stop the persecution of Christians in Turkey.

Miraculous interventions will explain anything, and if we admit them in one case they may be valid everywhere.

The existence of a supreme artificer is inferred from the interventions in the general order of nature.

Some of the miraculous interventions of Providence that touched his heart most deeply are found in his efforts in this direction.

The increasing frequency of Government interventions is in itself a simple and unavoidable concomitant of the growth of society.