Interviewed [verb]

Definition of Interviewed:

ask questions and evaluate

Synonyms of Interviewed:

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Sentence/Example of Interviewed:

When he was interviewed, fearsome in manner as he was, he sent the worm away packed with ideas and phrases.

I followed the course of the trial daily, and I interviewed the accused at his house a week before it ended.

Some parents consented to their children being interviewed alone; others desired, and were allowed, to remain for the questioning.

I think the majority interviewed concluded I had escaped from a State institution.

Telegrams had been despatched, the gendarmerie had been informed, and the British Vice-consul had been interviewed.

Have you subsequently learned the name of the gentleman who interviewed you or conversed with you?

Did Marina say whether she had been interviewed in Fort Worth?

Nothing was mentioned of having been interviewed in New Orleans or Dallas.

And if an FBI agent did interview you, you were not aware that you were being interviewed?

Surely, among the thousands of applicants I'd interviewed, there must have been a number of them.