Interweaving [verb]

Definition of Interweaving:

twist around

Synonyms of Interweaving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interweaving:

Sentence/Example of Interweaving:

No German, at that time, had caught and understood the interweaving of the forest boughs 182 with such intimate familiarity.

There is an interacting and interweaving of the facts and principles.

The harmonies, indeed, were the accidents of the interweaving of melodies.

I have consulted convenience of reference in interweaving the alphabetical index with the context.

The ever finer spinning of the threads secures an ever closer, subtler interweaving.

This condition of things was further strengthened by the unavoidable interweaving at that time of politics with religion.

And how is this situation brought about but by the most intricate interweaving of a story of brightness with a story of trouble?

His polyphonic style and interweaving themes demand close study in order to make the meaning clear.

It admitted, however, of great varieties, and was generally more complex in its interweaving of rhymes.

He did not, however, refrain from accentuating his view of the story by interweaving in it some gracious figures of his own.