Interwove [verb]

Definition of Interwove:

twist around

Synonyms of Interwove:

Opposite/Antonyms of Interwove:

Sentence/Example of Interwove:

These contrasted colors vaguely interwove and mingled in what he could see of the shadowed ceiling far above.

At last they interwove Their cradling arms, and purpos'd to convey Towards a crystal bower far away.

As the figure progressed and the dancers interwove, Crabb could not fail to note the recurrent intentional snub.

Finally, the dexterous fingers interwove some sprays of ivy with the hair, and added white rosebuds for lack of chrysanthemums.

On the clearness therefore what she did retain stood sharply out; she nipped and caught it, turned it over and interwove it.

And on another occasion a spider interwove fragments of scarlet fabric left purposely at hand into the lid of its tunnel.

He interwove them with everything he saw of the sister, and he began to understand her.

Extremes as wide apart as those met there and interwove their strands.

I interwove so many praises with so many insolences, and with such complete frankness, that she could not but laugh.

They were in a hall where bold bands of color interwove in patterns impossible for Terran eyes to study.