Interwoven [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Interwoven:

I shall now conclude this Inquiry with some general observations on the subject and on some others which are interwoven with it.

Many novels are hurtful because of the many false ideas interwoven in the stories.

She was bound to him by bonds so intimately and secretly interwoven that to rupture any one of them would kill her.

All is interwoven together without any clear line of separation, and the result is some confusion.

Her golden ringlets, interwoven by the fingers of Love, played upon shoulders whiter than snow.

His own wild adventures among the Turks and his love romance are thoroughly interwoven with the stirring history of that time.

The roots of the peach-tree had entirely interwoven the skull with their fine network.

The history of the fur trade is closely interwoven with the history of intemperance among the Indians.

The history of subsequent years is interwoven with the events of other Central American countries.

They were the oldest of old families, their history interwoven with the very foundations of the State.