Intestines [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Intestines:

He is less corpulent, and his legs are shorter; in the stomach and intestines, there is a difference of conformation.

But we notice that the intestines of man, both small and large, are relatively longer than in the frog.

Of or from the belly or intestines; relating to the intestinal secretions.

Some of the flies themselves were then caught, and their intestines presented large numbers of the ova.

It is no easy matter to get at the fat in the inside of an elephant,378 as the whole of the intestines have first to be removed.

Repeating the experiment, he became certain that the white threads were vessels which drew the chyle from the intestines.

Put a corpse at the feet, taking out the intestines through the mouth.

Fixed air thrown into the intestines, by way of glyster, has been found to give relief in some cases of putrid disease.

He has no cutting teeth, and though four stomachs, he still wants the long intestines of ruminating animals.

All the faculties which we call the soul are nothing but functions of this gray substance, of this mass of intestines.