Intimated [verb]

Definition of Intimated:

suggest; tip off

Synonyms of Intimated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intimated:

Sentence/Example of Intimated:

Law secretaries have a daily and intimate window into a judge’s work, and indeed often do the lion’s share of case research and the drafting of written opinions.

Because it really is the opportunity to build this direct intimate relationship with our audience.

Smartphones are the most intimate device for most people, and they must be tracker-free by default.

If the city eventually went with a different company – say, Berkshire Hathaway, which intimated its interest in bidding on the franchise agreement – then those workers would shift to the new utility.

Jackson’s foray into audio, and specifically within the erotic genre, is pioneering a new creative frontier for actors creating incredibly intimate experiences for their fans and breaking past the fourth wall.

Its intimate setting — nearly every episode was a half-hour chat between two people in Paul’s home office space — gave the show a heavy likeness to a stage play, which meant that some amazing playwrights were drawn toward it.

Lily Raff McCaulou wrote Call of the Mild, an intimate memoir about her journey into hunting as an adult.

Because the lips of these designs fall around and outside your ears, they stay cleaner longer than earbuds and provide a more intimate and sealed-off experience that’s ideal for use in noisy environments.

It evokes a personal and intimate connection with our ancestors, as many people today can relate to the feeling of holding a child in their arms, he says.

When Shapland was a graduate student, she discovered intimate letters that McCullers wrote to a woman named Annemarie.