Intimately [adverb]

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It was an intimate class and I could speak in my normal voice, which I liked, but that also meant the phone was too loud for the room.

However, these superspreader events are intimate affairs associated with close contact and a lack of precautions.

Well, we’re already letting machines do this in our most intimate spaces…inside our home.

Now, both men are in their homes, one self-isolating and the other dodging reporters asking about those texts, including messages that emerged late Tuesday suggesting an intimate encounter.

It’s tough to predict what political impact the news that North Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Cal Cunningham had been sending intimate texts to a woman who isn’t his wife will have on the competitive Senate race there.

Supervising and managing insect production of shellac depends on an intimate knowledge of insect life cycles—the timing of reproduction and egg-laying, regional weather patterns, best harvesting practices and so on.

Populated with intimate stories about Wolfe’s experiences, this book celebrates the ways in which we are all connected to one another and specifically to nature.

Video footage collected by the team now reveals intimate details of the species’ mating practices and defensive behaviors as well as what the animals do in their downtime.

We’re social creatures, and our most intimate connections are physical.

That therapy relies on an intimate prior knowledge of gene function in healthy populations—from the base-pair sequence of DNA to the interaction of genes with their environment.