Intimating [verb]

Definition of Intimating:

suggest; tip off

Synonyms of Intimating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intimating:

Sentence/Example of Intimating:

Now, Davisson said, with most students at home, the data collected are even more intimate.

What would have been merely an inconvenient pairing in normal times had under quarantine become an oppressively intimate arrangement.

He ran a late-night program where listeners could call in and chat about anything as they wished, often riffing on feelings, relationships or other intimate subjects.

So this was getting increasingly concerning because the services that people were using were starting to collect more and more personal, intimate data, more quantities of data.

The study “demonstrates these organisms had an intimate association,” says Leung.

Sam buttoned the will carefully in a side pocket; intimating by a look meanwhile, that he did mean it, and very seriously too.

Intimating that he would wait, Lechmere took his seat at a little table in one of the public rooms and asked for something.

Ingham sent Woodbury's letter to Biddle, intimating that it was political partiality that was complained of.

Maid-servants followed with a distaff and wool, intimating that she was to spin as matrons formerly did.

The Battle of Mollwitz went off like a signal-shot among the Nations; intimating that they were, one and all, to go battling.