Intimidates [verb]

Definition of Intimidates:

frighten, threaten

Synonyms of Intimidates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intimidates:

Sentence/Example of Intimidates:

He has represented that element in its most terrible agitation, with a fidelity that intimidates the beholder.

The Prince Woivode intimidates me less, although he is a man; he has gentle manners and seems to like me.

The revolution works in the same way: it kills individuals, and intimidates thousands.

The politician execrates it, the merchant despises it, it intimidates and baffles legions of bad painters.

And it is that which, above all, at once fascinates and intimidates us.

Yes, Monsieur, his soul; for what is it that intimidates the infantry?

It is the certainty of punishment which intimidates professional rascals.

It is the suddenness with which the idea of danger presents itself, quite as much as the extent of the danger, which intimidates.

He is very young; the presence of many persons intimidates him.

For the spirit of distrust makes the soldier suspicious, and intimidates the general.