Intimidating [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Intimidating:

Nocera, 50, who owns a local auto repair shop, said that he was dropping off his son to vote, and that he didn’t intend to intimidate anyone.

Attention from Honolulu policeFacing pressure from the lawsuit, the Kealohas devised a countermeasure to intimidate and discredit Katherine’s uncle, Silvert said.

If the large sizes of typical slow cookers are intimidating for you, or if you’re mostly cooking for just one or two people, these mini cookers are a fabulous start so you don’t end up eating the same soup forever.

The illogic of such a suggestion, Mengedoht said, can get lost on someone who is scared and intimidated.

She and I conducted original research published earlier this year that examined nearly 2,500 tweets directed toward politicians across race, gender and party lines, analyzing for attempts to discredit, intimidate or shame.

The KKK staged large marches in Jacksonville, Daytona and Orlando designed to intimidate voters.

The tragedy of existence presented itself in its true aspect, as noble and majestic and intimidating.

As to intimidating me, or changing my course, the thing cannot be done.

As Mrs. Freke saw no other chance left of gaining her point with Belinda, she tried what intimidating her would do.

The Mohicans boldly sent back the intimidating yell of their enemies, who raised a shout of savage triumph at the fall of Gamut.