Into [preposition]

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It presents itself to us as an effective corroboration of the so well-known phenomenon of talking-yourself-into-it.

Breton peasants are represented playing on Breton pipes in the Entry-into-Jerusalem scene.

"I w-w-was b-b-b-blown i-i-i-into t-t-t-the air," he replied, smiling sweetly.

No sooner had they disappeared than Siegfried came into-393- the wood, armed for the hunt.

Bess went to put on her bonnet, and when she camc into-the parlour George backed into the fireplace with astonishment.

Without these precautions the ecstasy is likely to turn into-nightmare.

Open abuse and exchange of foul names are exploded, and even the indirect imputation of unworthy motives is falling-into disuse.

The four young men were like children with a "roll-the-seven-number-eight-shot-into-the middle" puzzle.

I then procured wires, much thinner than those I had previously used, and dipped them-into the liquid.

Slavery begets idleness; idleness begets vice; and vice plunges individuals into-wretchedness, degradation and infamy.