Intoned [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Intoned:

The King entered unexpectedly without the royal anthem being intoned.

In all that great church there was only one to whom his slowly intoned words had a significant meaning.

He intoned a line or two of Court Persian, which is the language of authorised and unauthorised diplomacy.

So saying he intoned in Veni Creator, chanted in chorus by all present.

It may be observed that the assistant curate knelt with his back to the congregation, whilst the Vicar intoned the Commandments.

The simple song was intoned as a spell and the rude chant mumbled as a charm.

They started off with steps of velvet, improvising as they went a kind of plaintive song like an intoned litany.

Mrs. Stoddard's voice intoned reverently, while she looked at Agatha with her sincere eyes.

Her ringing voice intoned the phrases of the Bible as if they had been music and bore the burden of her deepest soul.

The service, as we afterwards found to be the universal custom in England, was intoned instead of read.