Intoxicates [verb]

Definition of Intoxicates:

anger, aggravate

Synonyms of Intoxicates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intoxicates:

Sentence/Example of Intoxicates:

In April, Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami called a Florida man a “covidiot” after the man arrived on the island intoxicated and without any proof of accommodations in an effort to get away with quarantine rules.

Lest you be martyred slaves of Time, intoxicate yourselves, be drunken without cease!

She threw him one of those glances that intoxicate like wine.

The servant here observed that such a quantity of wine in the morning might intoxicate rather than benefit.

And no praise can say more for this marvellous man than the fact that the incense burned at his shrine did not intoxicate him.

This is a sample of the spiritual wine we have talked of—something to elevate and intoxicate.

The air of the place seemed to intoxicate me; I seemed to be dragged into the ceremony, Mr. Grey and I together.

"Easy at first, until they find their legs; then intoxicate them with the sensation of flying," he half whispered.

His success in the single episode from active life to literature did not intoxicate or mislead him.

Next take my station in life, neither so high as naturally to intoxicate me, nor so low as to excite to envy or degradation.