Intoxicating [adjective]

Definition of Intoxicating:

causing great happiness

Synonyms of Intoxicating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intoxicating:

Sentence/Example of Intoxicating:

Knowing your team possesses the league’s best player — at the sport’s most important position — can be intoxicating.

Their hip-hop music is totally different, but it’s as intoxicating as the violent versions of hip-hop.

For those who are optimistic about carbon farming, the numbers tell an intoxicating story.

He was coming out, like myself, to sniff the air; and I was not surprised, for its sweetness after the rain was intoxicating.

In one of the cases a married woman was properly indicted for unlawfully selling intoxicating liquors.

There have been occasions when his majesty has exceeded the bounds in the way of intoxicating liquor.

Yet even this limited, this comparative freedom, which a man could afford to smile at, was intoxicating.

How different the homeward journey from the intoxicating outward flight, in the heyday of the spring!

His drink is water, and now and then an intoxicating draught of bad raki or sour country wine.

I remember with intoxicating rapture how we looked into each other's eyes—looked and loved.