Intricacies [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Intricacies:

The intricacies and abrupt turns in the road separated him from his immediate followers.

For almost a month now the gleaming intricacies of the machine had given him a complete sense of security.

Making up their bundles as usual, they commenced a struggle with the intricacies and obstacles of the portage.

The towel changed into a bandage under my fingers, and I found that I could not compass the intricacies of the fastenings.

I refer to this to show the intricacies of American etiquette.

He was a clever mechanic and he had mastered the intricacies of the engine which he was to repair, in less than a day.

To attempt to read their disquisitions is like walking in labyrinths of ever-opening intricacies.

No alternative hypothesis prevails, mere desultory criticism of the internal intricacies being quite inadequate.

Sometimes the white intricacies of dropping foam become opaque and creamy.

The Prince of Prussia's Enterprise had its intricacies; but, by good management, was capable of being done.