Intrigued [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Intrigued:

These three new shows tell stories that will be familiar to some listeners, adding intrigue with a lot of surprising behind-the-scenes details and some very charismatic interviewees chiming in.

The idea, as a parent, is really to watch with excitement and intrigue the direction in which she’s leading us.

The SEC is slowly coming around to the passing game’s intrigue.

In case the forced sale of TikTok’s western operations wasn’t sufficiently packed with intrigue, Beijing has stirred things up further.

The involvement of a real estate financier who is a prominent supporter of the mayor only added to the intrigue.

His term of office, however, was short, for his colleagues intrigued against him.

If they intrigued with the court of Madrid it could only be through the queen, who must, therefore, have betrayed her husband.

O'Connell denounced the Whigs, but intrigued to keep them in power, or help them to obtain it.

At one time she intrigued with Prince Henry, but he dismissed her in angry disgust at her numerous infidelities.

The baby stopped altogether, her ear intrigued by the purling Gaelic.