Intriguers [noun]

Definition of Intriguers:

person who is disloyal

Synonyms of Intriguers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intriguers:

Sentence/Example of Intriguers:

More than half of the $600,000 ransom went missing, and became the subject of nationwide intrigue.

It may also have shown Washington’s assets as a backdrop for intrigue and trench-coated rendezvous on rain-splashed streets.

The injuries and uncertainty at key positions add another element of intrigue to Sunday’s game, which has playoff implications for Washington.

Reading about and then re-creating those foods, inviting these plates filled with emotions into our own homes, bearing the love and woes and intrigue of multiple generations, across seas and land and time.

With no strong relationships or intrigue to the mystery, the story crashes and burns.

Startled and horrified, Georgie had become in regard to her cousin, that born intriguer, but as clay in the hands of the potter.

Every Frenchwoman at heart is an intriguer, here again was a similarity of tastes and pursuits.

From the time that the notorious "Spanish marriages" had become facts, the Duke of Montpensier had been an intriguer.

Meantime that intriguer had been making for himself a tortuous approach to royalty.

She did not want her hero turned into an intriguer, no matter how innocent his motive.