Introduces [verb]

Definition of Introduces:

make known; present

Opposite/Antonyms of Introduces:

Sentence/Example of Introduces:

Its disadvantage is that it introduces, with the bread, a variable amount of lactic acid and numerous yeast-cells.

The third introduces a man in old Colburn's Arithmetic, driving his sheep or geese to market.

The notion of Pity being 'buried in a heart' is awkward, and introduces an element of confusion.

It is a want of true politeness that introduces the discord and confusion which too often make our homes unhappy.

During his absence, his wifes maid introduces the lover into her mistress chamber while Amelia sleeps.

The manner in which Aristides introduces his information about the Platonic Modes is highly suspicious.

Such has been the case here with the little word כן‎, which introduces the clause.

Memory, which we are to consider to-day, introduces us to knowledge in one of its forms.

By an accident of archaeological discovery, we find that there were such caps set with boars' tusks as he introduces.

As it is, our asylums are filled with this class, and that introduces another phase of the matter.