Introducing [verb]

Definition of Introducing:

make known; present

Opposite/Antonyms of Introducing:

Sentence/Example of Introducing:

Federal support for green technology can help the industry past the hurdles of early market failures and the speedbumps that inevitably come with introducing new products and ways of doing things.

New Mexico yesterday introduced a tough, two-week stay at home order.

It brings to mind the sort of control center functionality the company introduced with the Touch Bar, but more than anything the big buttons and sliders beckon you to reach out and touch the screen.

The long-term impact of the practices introduced by Pineau and others remains to be seen.

CPRA introduces a slew of new requirements around data uses aimed at increased transparency.

Twenty countries, including the United Kingdom and France, have shuttered restaurants, introduced curfews or generally urged people to stay at home, though most schools and universities are staying open for now.

Apple introduced a new MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini on Tuesday that feature an Apple-designed processor called the M1.

Big Sur introduces a notable visual redesign for the user interface and many apps, including an iOS- and iPadOS-like notification center panel on the desktop.

Launch day came, and we proudly introduced the new feature by placing it prominently on the website.

Physics writer Emily Conover introduces us to Hye-Sook Park, a physicist who blows stuff up.