Introversion [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Introversion:

The word self infects them with a fixed introversion and isolation.

For some time I have employed the concept of introversion for this condition.

A gradual mental introversion grew upon me as physical weakness increased.

This habit of introversion and lack of practicality changed its forms as he grew older, but never left him.

The introversion of spirit begins (Socrates—Luther), though Pericles is wanting in this epoch.

Introversion must be the same as scuttling, its main purpose to withhold secrets and materiel from the enemy.

He looked at Old Beard, and seemed to be ridding himself, with an effort, of a deep introversion.

But it also explains another point, namely, the elegiac reveries which we have attributed to a partial introversion.

This concentration upon the inner world of thought is nothing else than introversion.

We recognise clearly in this definition the primordial tendency to introversion.