Intruder [noun]

Definition of Intruder:

person who trespasses

Synonyms of Intruder:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intruder:


Sentence/Example of Intruder:

Walker says that he was under the impression that the officers were intruders, and is protected by Kentucky’s Stand Your Ground law according to his legal council.

The no-knock warrant ban stemmed from the shooting death of Breonna Taylor in March, when Louisville police broke down her apartment door in the middle of the night and her boyfriend, mistaking officers for intruders, opened fire.

We’d assumed our supplies would be safe from intruders, but the flimsy windows were no match for a hungry bear.

He had a registered handgun and fired it once at the intruders.

In this case, Taylor’s boyfriend saw the police and thought they were intruders.

For a short period after an infection, maybe weeks to months, the immune system stays on high alert with defenses at least partially raised to ward off any subsequent intruders.

A terrific yell of rage burst from every one, and each hastily threw something or other at the bold intruder.

He locked the door as he spoke, and then, striding forward in a towering rage, threatened vengeance on the intruder.

Upon the intruder he turned a crimson, furious face, perspiration gleaming like varnish on brow and nose.

As Garnache's tall figure loomed before him he let the girl go and turned a half-laughing, half-startled face upon the intruder.