Intruding [verb]

Definition of Intruding:

trespass, interrupt

Synonyms of Intruding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Intruding:

Sentence/Example of Intruding:

A church clock struck the hour of seven, its clangor intruding upon the silence only as a muffled boom.

A troublesome intruding fellow, why can't he keep his ailments to his own barracks?

"Lean forward—so," she whispered, softly, as if fearful of intruding her voice upon these sacred rites.

You have a lady here—I have nothing more to say; I only beg a million pardons for intruding.

And one who is not able to paint a good portrait is not justified in intruding into other regions of art.

And as for the deacon, it really seemed as though he had some design in intruding at the critical moment.

Pardon my intruding on you so long with my affairs, but all that I have said was necessary for my own justification.

As soon as he saw the trespasser Hubbs went for his gun, and returning with it, shot the intruding pig.

When I come upon it in my walks, I seem to be intruding upon some very private and exclusive company.

"This is a pretty serious thing, intruding upon a man's home," whispered Tad.