Intrusive [adjective]

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In most democratic countries this doesn’t tend to come with consequences much more intrusive than targeted ads.

The nose swab, if not painful, is certainly intrusive, as a Fortune reporter found out.

Overseen by law firm Venable, the cross-industry group identified over a dozen intrusive ad formats that the industry should seek to avoid.

Bahrain, Kuwait, and Norway all launched intrusive covid-19 tracing apps that “actively carry out live or near-live tracking of users’ locations by frequently uploading GPS coordinates to a central server,” Amnesty International reported in June.

Meanwhile, media giants like Google invent their own ways of managing intrusive ads.

And at every turn intrusive social legislation must seek to prevent such injustice.

A course gneiss is the predominant rock, but is associated with garnetiferous mica-schists and much intrusive granite.

Do not think me intrusive or importunate if I now call, dear sir, on you, to remember it!'

Mr. Dempsey stood for a few seconds, and perhaps some secret suspicion crept over him that this visit might be thought intrusive.

In Chittagong, then, we must look about us for the aborigines; so intrusive have become the Hindú elements.