Intuitive [adjective]

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To make sure your website’s architecture is seamless and intuitive, develop a conversion rate optimization strategy that works for you.

This is useful because hunting for this information on the state’s website yourself may not be as easy or intuitive as you’d hoped.

It seems intuitive now—of course that would be the most effective.

This allows us to begin to make sense of how I might have intuitive access to the goal-directed nature of Reality.

He seems to have an intuitive sense that all of these things are connected to the passage of time, and the way it expands and contracts phenomenologically.

So, Gilman says, it’s intuitive that asphalt could be a source for those aerosols of unknown origin.

This makes intuitive sense—workers know better than anyone how to do their jobs best, what risks they face, and how to solve problems in the workplace.

Not only is user-friendly, intuitive design an underrated component of SEO, but it will ensure good user experience so that your customers do not click off your web page.

The fact that AI is likely to pick unethical strategies seems intuitive.

Now, with more VR creativity tools, people can create 3D models in 3D, within very intuitive sculpting and painting environments.