Intuitively [adverb]

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With the contacts app acting as a base for understanding people’s networks and who they interact with, the duo envision more intuitive ways of organizing events, for example.

I think the more intuitive way to think about it is, if you go from having a kind of normal dishwasher going in the background in the control condition to having a vacuum cleaner right next to you.

Similar to stereotypes, intuitive behavioral genetics, especially when it’s used to stigmatize, isn’t moral or kind—but we can safely expect humans to judge others with whatever information they’re privy to, including blood relations.

Martin recalls his intuitive experience of his surroundings, both illusory and physical, and how much the mere presence of psychologist Richards meant to him.

Powered by new software called Google TV, the upgraded Chromecast is supposed to give users a more intuitive “home screen” to help them navigate their various video-streaming services and apps.

While some bikes have a learning curve for handling, Specialized made a bike that feels immediately intuitive to ride.

Hulu Ad Manager gives buyers a simple and intuitive way to tell their story on Hulu with a minimum campaign spend.

Similarly, “rage click” information can enable you to make more intuitive pages.

It had to be intuitive and accessible for new users—which, at the time, was everyone.

A physicist who wants to devise theories of how living things behave or emerge has to start by making intuitive choices about how to translate the characteristics of the examples of life we know into a physical language.