Inured [verb]

Definition of Inured:

accustom; accustomed; hardened

Synonyms of Inured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inured:

Sentence/Example of Inured:

As a society, we’ve long been inured to reports of drivers picking off individuals on bikes.

Next, though the company is keeping specifics close to the vest, are robotic insertions between us and a whole raft of physical realities that, much like the original framework of a robotic world, inures us from the dull and dreary.

Was it that I had become more inured to adversity, more philosophical, more of a Christian?

It was inured to constant, almost daily, combat with the enemy, of all arms and under every possible contingency.

It seemed as if my mind, instead of becoming inured to evil, grew more keenly susceptible of pain.

At the Thatcher house, Harwood caught fitful glimpses of Allen's father, a bird of passage inured to sleeping-cars.

They became accustomed to severe exercise, and were inured to patient and painful endurance.

After an abode of some time in the mountainous regions, the constitution becomes inured to the rarefied atmosphere.

When a little inured, she one night sprang out of bed, rushed round the foot of it, and out upon the landing.

Moreover, these men under fire have exhibited a coolness well worthy of the personnel of a service inured by discipline.