Inures [verb]

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That would amuse him, change the air of his thoughts, and give him time to inure himself to the horrible thing he had discovered.

The continual thought of a good man was how to inure himself to suffering, and prepare himself for death.

What then, said Madame, are not thirty Tears Misfortunes enough to inure her to them?

But we must inure ourselves, in the biography of Petrarch, to his over-estimation of favourites in the article of morals.

There is another advantage of Government cooperation that will inure greatly to the benefit of the settler.

And here, above all, was the field in which to inure his colleagues to toil and hardship and cold and heat and hunger and thirst.

I told him there were painful things enough in the world to inure men to hardness without his making more, &c.

The proceeds of the sales of such lands so occupied by settlers shall inure to the benefit of the Cherokee Nation.

These lands were among the most valuable in the grant and were to inure to the new company at the completion of the road.

They expect the folly of its leaders to inure to the benefit of the Whigs.