Inutility [noun]

Definition of Inutility:

disabling lack of talent, skill

Opposite/Antonyms of Inutility:

Sentence/Example of Inutility:

If they inculcate virtue, it is that theological virtue whose inutility we have sufficiently shown.

The hypnotist has shown the vanity and Blake the inutility of willing trifles, and black magic its futility.

Yet she couldn't let it go on—this gigantic inutility, this mammoth lack of practical, efficient management.

All persons will be sensible of the inutility of the many expensive ceremonies, which contribute nothing to public felicity.

The inutility of science, written in a merely technical form, is well exemplified in the instance of Cicero.

We quarrel with them, not on the score of form so much as on that of inutility and undue contrast of colour.

Some papers which his hand brushed within the safe he pushed aside as though preadvised of their inutility to one of his calling.

But the inutility of home vineyards is demonstrated from the cheapness of foreign wines at this time.

It was all very clean, but the room conveyed at the first glance an overpowering idea of its own absolute inutility and vanity.

The Count d'Artois soon arrived, and confirmed by his return the taking of Lyons, and the inutility of his efforts.