Invaders [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Invaders:

Then with your victorious legions you can march south and help drive the Yankee invaders from the land.

They were transferable, and were actually transferred to this side upon which the invaders disembarked.

This practical isolation disgusted the several chiefs, who therefore agreed to open the campaign against the invaders.

Of course, they had a right to defend their homes and families against unlawful invaders.

The steel-workers merely defended themselves against armed invaders, I hear him say.

She learned of the failure of great fortifications before the invaders' heavy guns.

Having embraced his service they quickly succeeded in expelling the northern invaders.

In the latter part of the 6th century, however, the territories occupied by the invaders seem to have been greatly extended.

Most of these were situated within the territories eventually occupied by the invaders, and reappear as towns in later times.

On his arrival he reiterated the refusal to supply the British invaders with what had been demanded.