Invalidation [noun]

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The Supreme Court hears arguments Tuesday in a case that could invalidate the entire Affordable Care Act.

“Poll workers are not going to give voters pens that are going to invalidate their ballot,” Hobbs told KTAR News on Wednesday.

They strongly suggested Republicans were likely to prevail and have any votes received after Election Day invalidated.

It also might “unblind” the study, allowing the doctors conducting it to know whether they were administering the vaccine or a placebo to certain groups, possibly invalidating the results, he said.

When Ginsburg started her work in the 1960s, the Supreme Court had never invalidated any type of sex-based rule.

In that case, a majority of the court invalidated a provision in the Voting Rights Act requiring jurisdictions with a history of discrimination to submit to federal oversight before changing their voting procedures.

For example, don’t stuff your whole family’s ballots into one envelope, as that could invalidate them.

The South could not in 1861 justify her right to revolution, for there was no oppression nor invalidation of rights.

“Phrase of arms,” a series of attacks and parries ending in a hit or invalidation.

I should have heard of your being proposed for invalidation.