Invalidity [noun]

Definition of Invalidity:

defect, proneness

Opposite/Antonyms of Invalidity:

Sentence/Example of Invalidity:

In Germany their system covers sickness, accidents, invalidity and old age, three different classes.

If the occupant has performed acts which are not legitimate acts of warfare, postliminium makes their invalidity apparent.

In like manner the invalidity of the summons bars any charge of contempt of court and condemnation for contumacy.

This gained, the legate would have no need to mention further the validity or invalidity of the dispensation.

Was not her legitimacy dependent on the invalidity of her father's marriage with his brother's widow?

Indeed, "intellectual matter" presents no greater incongruity or invalidity of conception than "vital matter."

On the supposed invalidity of the patent, the lace-makers boldly adopted the bobbin-net machine, and set the inventor at defiance.

Notwithstanding the invalidity of their State claim, the settlers determin to maintain their lands.

And your testimony as to the invalidity of the will would be conclusive against all the world.

The direct tax levied in 1861 is not even suspected of invalidity.