Invariant [adjective]

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Dehn showed that it’s possible to use the angles of any polyhedral shape — like a tetrahedron or a cube — to calculate a single quantity, now called the Dehn invariant.

Now the possibility of translation implies the existence of an invariant.

Thus, to decipher a cryptogram is to seek what in this document remains invariant, when the letters are permuted.

What now is the nature of this invariant it is easy to understand, and a word will suffice us.

Among words that have had the most fortunate influence I would select 'group' and 'invariant.'

Invariant virtue appears to be as mechanical as uninterrupted vice, for true excellence changes with conditions.

But relations between invariant objects will themselves be invariant.

She is the invariant of each of her iconic Mantrams and her surroundings are the variables that enter and leave the screen.

If triangles and genera are of our own production we can keep them invariant.

In such a diagram invariant systems will be represented by points; univariant systems by lines, and bivariant systems by areas.