Invectives [noun]

Definition of Invectives:

verbal abuse

Synonyms of Invectives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Invectives:

Sentence/Example of Invectives:

It’s easy to ridicule and dismiss a Kremlin opponent hurling invective from abroad, but much more difficult to do so when he does so from within the lion’s den.

Most's explanation, full of bitter invective, suggested hostile personal feeling.

If he had lost a son, he had found, what he seems to have prized quite as much, a fertile theme for invective.

If Maria does not take care, I shall write a much sharper invective against her, for not answering my Diabolical book.

It was when one of the table-legs overturned the swill-pail that the long pent-up storm burst in a torrent of invective.

The struggle was over, and Fox vented his rage and disappointment in a speech of unmeasured invective.

At Kingswood a man began a vehement invective against Wesley and Methodism.

Accordingly he is not sparing of invective against those who so disparage his race.

He was stirred to stinging invective of the churlish priest of Saint-Sulpice, who denied her church-burial.

This Satire, of almost double length to any of the rest, is a bitter invective against the fair sex.