Inveigled [verb]

Definition of Inveigled:

entice, manipulate

Synonyms of Inveigled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Inveigled:

Sentence/Example of Inveigled:

No, sir; the policy is to inveigle the people of the North into civil war, by masking the design in smooth and ambiguous terms.

Thus the German princess always endeavoured to inveigle the friends of the people.

I have spent them in the company of villains, who, for some purpose of their own, are striving to inveigle me in their plots.

If I could only inveigle my tormentors into the trap, they might be caught there longer than they liked.

After vainly trying to inveigle Locke into a fault, the government resolved to punish him without one.

Through Nib, Anice contrived to inveigle Jud into conversation and make him forget his overwhelming confusion.

Again and again I saw him there preening his feathers, and once or twice I tried to inveigle him into betraying his secret.

They "hurry away from the educated, as not fit subjects of their imposition, and inveigle the rustic."

He opened correspondence with Norby, hoping to inveigle him into a conference in Stockholm.

They were watching you outside the window, and I was sent to inveigle you out, that they might shoot you.