Inveigling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inveigling:

To her was due the inveigling of his mother into making a neighborhood call so that they could have the house to themselves.

Callicrates and other popular leaders became mercenary instruments for inveigling their countrymen.

I had a suspicion that he was inveigling me into playing without any intention of allowing me to take his measure.

He means to take the earliest opportunity of inveigling her from your care, secure, as he boasts, of her pardon in her attachment.

He heard her inveigling Antone, the old Italian labourer, into confidences.

Here she wrote her books and contrived her system for the inveigling of editors and critics.

It was seldom he let slip an opportunity of inveigling Father Tiebout into a good-humored discussion on a point of this kind.

When Jacob Ensley is drunk he openly charges him with inveigling Martha away and hiding her.

He wondered at the inveigling content that introduced itself into her voice, face, and gesture.

The minister, after many days, discovered who his correspondent was, and succeeded in inveigling the stone-breaker to the manse.