Invented [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Invented:

At other times they have a dreadful look of being fibs invented for the purpose of covering a fault.

It is not likely that any of the earlier fathers, any more than the later, would have invented so dangerous a story.

The formula would be: “The pump invented—Drain a well ,” or Water raised in a hollow.

A story or narrative is invented for the purpose of helping the student, as it is claimed, to memorise it.

Some other stimulus to our Territorial recruiting than the fear of invasion will have to be invented in future.

He made several important discoveries in the science, and invented the miner's safety lamp.

Trevithick invented and made a carbine with a short barrel of large bore, having a hollow frame-work stock.

In connection with telephony he invented a multitude of improvements, some of which are still in universal use.

It is a thing invented by the great to enable them to pursue the grinding and oppression of the small.

Surely therefore to him belongs the credit of having invented and perfected the tubular boiler and surface condenser.